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Barista HQ, is uniquely positioned as a Cafe and a Barista training school, brings you amazing savoury brews from across the globe.

An inimitable Cafe with a Vibrant atmosphere. Coffee Bean bouquet that delights you the moment you step in !!

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Training to be a Barista is as pretentious and rewarding as it sounds.

Barista HQ is a Coffee training school where the super fun and interactive training is conducted real time, in a stimulated environment, backed by a real cafe for actual customers. Barista HQ offers training programs, like no other, that will not only hone your finesse in the art of crafty coffees or the trade, at the same time provide insights that go in pleasing each palate. The equipment we use is top notch with good quality coffee beans and milk to make fully leaded or unleaded tantalising brews for your caffeine fix.

Our training programs launch you as the Barista HQ legend.

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Jae Kim

Started working in coffee at Bench Espresso during time as a student and has moved on to work at various renown cafes in Melbourne whilst taking on a graduate position after university. Some cafes include Sensory Lab under the St. Ali Group and Rustica. Returned to Perth to work as Head Barista of Small Print and after a year and a half transitioned in to working as a trainer for renown Melbourne specialty coffee roaster, Dukes Coffee Roasters.
Besides being an active consumer of coffee, my passion for coffee stemmed from my curiosity for it. Understanding that it is such a simple product to consume yet so much goes in to it when making one. My curiosity has lead to me to where I am now and teaching others about coffee is essentially expressing my curiosity to others and so they attain an interest towards coffee and see what I see in it.


I have been making coffees for over 10 years. Currently restaurant manager at a cafe in west perth. Became interested and curious about coffee after working a few years in the hospitality industry throughout uni and so I began to research and learn about coffee through gathering experience and travels - including visiting coffee farms in South America. It’s rare to find someone or somewhere who has the time and opportunity to teach what’s relevant to the industry today including top tips to succeed in working in a fast pace environment. Therefore I strongly believe in and am passionate about passing on my skills and experience I’ve learnt over the years to those just starting out in the industry.


  • I did the Barista Basic course and it was a really good experience. The trainer and assessor (Maureen C) it's a passionate of Coffee. His explanation was clearly and focused in important and practicals things about coffee making. The we had a lot of time to practise and Maureen spend time with everyone. I recommend this course.
    Sergio pino
  • Fantastic Basic Barista course! The teacher is brilliant, the equipment is great and the class is very good value for money. Highly recommended Barista HQ.
    Chloe W.
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