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Ours has been a true love story with coffee, stepping slowly but surely before finally hitting us strong and hard. Barista HQ is born out of our sheer passion and dedication to nurture memories that a perfect cup of coffee brings. Around a decade ago, I (Maureen) was driven by my quest for knowledge of coffee. I wandered to Australia’s Blue Mountain Hotel School in New South Wales. After graduating with a Bachelors in Hotel Management, I took my passion for working for renowned institutions like the Hilton Group of Hotels, Crown Resorts and managed many more cafes around Perth. Alongside, I relentlessly studied, experimented and analyzed the various coffee theories and trends. After brewing thousands of coffees for happy customers, the need to start my own journey was felt very strongly.

Its now time to pass on my skills and knowledge to others and give them real time experience of working at a café.

And believe me….. it’s just the beginning!



Barista HQ is like the Cafe` pantheon. Serving your perfect cup of Black Gold is more like a ritual here. Coffee is an expression in itself at Barista HQ. Guaranteed, to get you the Mudpuddle buzz, hankering for more!

The reasons you would want to make Barista HQ your favourite pit stop cafe, as;

Barista HQ attracts the best Coffee connoisseur. You can have your divine, beautifully crafted cup of Jamoke Jolt and each time ponder that this one is definitely the most exhilarating coffee you have had so far! Get the feeling of ‘Deja Brew’!!

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